Fed up of being stuck in a job, a relationship, on low income, feeling depressed or run down?


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This is your starting point to a courageous life.

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Completing this test will give you a clear understanding of your starting place for an extraordinary and fulfilling life. Take the test now and get started.

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No More Confusion

Do you ever sit and wonder what you are doing and why you are doing it? Do you ever wonder why you do the job you do? Why you are in the relationship you are or why you are not in a relationship?

Now you can find out.

Discover Your Starting Point

In this test, we show you how to master your thinking and where to start.

Someone once said to me, 'If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.'

Great advice but no one taught me how to change how I thought! This test is your introduction to how to do that.

Mastering The Four R.I.C.H Pillars of Life

This test has been designed to prompt you to score yourself in the four key areas of life. 

Relationships - Income - Confidence - Health

This has helped MANY people find a place of clarity so they know where to start changing their thinking, which will change their actions and ultimately change their life.


""The rock climbing image has been a source of motivation for me.Because of your image and your words, reminding me to keep taking one step at a time and to focus on where I am, I am now a published author. Thank you Janet" Janita Faulkner "

Janita Faulkner

"It has taken me out of a negative frame of mind. It makes me realise that no matter how many knocks I get I can still achieve my goals." "

Business Owner

""I was a very depressed state of a woman, half of what I am now, in fact less, on the verge of suicide. I’d even attempted it on a few occasions. It helped me find myself and start believing in myself again and now I’m getting my website done for my Business." "

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