How Janet Jones can make you R.I.C.H and change your life.


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Your International Happiness Day Gift 2022

Are you overcoming defeat at the moment? Going through a growth phase? 

This gift is perfect for you if you are feeling a little lost, or challenged either personally or professionally. Perhaps you are going through a divorce, one in less than three couples are, and you are in emotional turmoil. It doesn't have to be like that. 

Perhaps you have lost your job or lost a loved one. These life situations affect the balance of happiness, joy, and a sense of achievement. They can throw you off track for years.

For International Happiness Day, 2022, I would like to offer you a FREE gift with me, the happiness Millionaire :)



“Self help in a way you’ve not experienced it before. Authentic, honest and practical”.

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"I was hooked from the first page. Janet's story is told in such a way I was taken on a journey of her life, each page I wanted to learn more, each page had surprises and ah-ha moments. "

Kezia Luckett
Author and Coach

"How very brave of Janet to share her story. I am very grateful she did. I hadn't even reached the start of the inspirational images before I had changed my outlook and started to see immediate results."

Michelle Ryles

"Reading this book was the kick-up the backside I needed! I was letting life get me down after getting Covid and struggling to return to work. I read it on in Kindle, in a 'oner', and by morning, I was excited to get on with creating a better life, a 'R.I.C.H' life."

Denise Brawls
Project Manager

"I met Janet when she came to speak for the MLM company I worked with. She is an amazing lady. Full of hope. I bought two copies of this book, one for my best friend, one for myself. The book is very positive and fulfilling and has helped me understand some issues I had with my own life. Just amazing."

Belinda Dawson
Independent Consultant


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