The R.I.C.H Home Study Course

Are You Ready To Master The Four Key Pillars Of A Happy Life?

- Relationships - Income - Confidence - Health

Discover the proven process of getting clarity on your desires,
regaining your hope, and confidently achieving your dreams
in the R.I.C.H. Life Home Study Course and Community.

This is an in-depth study of the award-winning book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life

This course and book are for you if you...

  • Want big things in life, but instead find yourself worried about the future, fearing that life is passing you by with not much to show for it and don't know what to do.
  • Are stuck in a job, financial situation, or relationship that you know you’d like to change, but feel like you’re just not sure how, or if it’s even possible for you to change.
  • Want to feel more attractive - lose a little weight, feel sexier, and radiate a real joyfulness about life, but find yourself increasingly frustrated, down, and at your wit’s end.
  • Are sick of being stuck, fed up with struggling, and ready to change NOW!

Take The Next Step And Study The Time-Tested Principles In Happiness Millionaire Book PLUS Join The Community Of Like Minded Change-Makers



Hi, I’m Janet Jones, known to many as the Happiness Millionaire!

My journey to happiness and fulfillment began in 1994 when my dad took his life. Six years later I had a breakdown but was saved from anti-depressant pills by discovering the power of mastering and managing 'thinking'. Naturally, it wasn't an overnight remedy. It takes time to review your life and find the courage to make changes. The work I now teach is exactly how I turned my life around to living on my terms, with joy, peace, and ease.

I am thrilled to announce my new R.I.C.H. Life Home Study Course and Community! It is a place where you can turn your life around too. Let me introduce you to the starting point of ALL achievement through my famously acclaimed Happiness Millionaire R.I.C.H. Life process.

The programme was inspired by Napoleon Hill's ‘Think And Grow Rich' in the 1930′s but has been created and brought up-to-date for the 21st Century by me. As a Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor, I’ve pulled together the best material from my book, my seminar, and my research to create the ultimate home study course in achieving your life’s desires. This course will take you step-by-step through the process of getting crystal clear on your vision and desires, and then creating them in your life using the powerful, proven process of successful achievement.

This stuff really works. Hundreds have used this exact process and support from our community to overcome relationship challenges, write best-sellers, start successful businesses, quit their day jobs, transform their relationship with their partner and their kids, and more. What is even more exciting of course, is what it can do for you—what you can do for you with this course.

This brand new course and community will give you everything you need to get clarity on your desires and vision, and then to start creating the life of your dreams!

"Wherever this woman is, you need to be around her energy. I absolutely love her. She's incredible. If you want to succeed and become a Happiness Millionaire, she's going to teach you a brand new technology for how to LOOK and grow R.I.C.H. It is very exciting and brand new. Janet is awesome."

Robert Allen, No.1 New York Times Best Selling Author


"Janet Jones is truly the iconic inspiration our world needs! This is not for the light hearted as it takes courage to step out of fear into faith! Get ready for a life changing adventure as Janet guides you to untapped territory that is brimming with love, light and abundance to waken your spirit."

Holly Dowling, Global Thought Leader


Are you ready to master the secret of all achievement?

  • Discover your “Missing Something”
  • Know the 6 Essentials to "Sustainable Success and Happiness"
  • Join the program that is "Inspired and Constructed by World Leaders"

... all with Janet's R.I.C.H Life Process given to you in this home study course including a supportive community of other Happiness Millionaire's on the same journey and help personally from Janet.


Here’s Everything you get when you join the R.I.C.H. Life Home Study Course today

Worth £1,872

The 5-Part R.I.C.H. Life Home Study Course - with 25 Videos and 5 PDF Workbooks with Exercises

Part I: Your Preparation for a R.I.C.H. Life

Part II: The I CAN Attitude

Part III: Discover WHAT TO DO




Access to members area and the author

30-minute 121 with Janet (limited time only)

Help with habits from experts, vision boards, the secret of happiness and more...

Have you ever thought what P.O.O.R and R.I.C.H mean to you?
At Happiness Millionaire, they mean to change your life from a Poverty-mindset, Overwhelm, Off-Balance and Regrets to a life of great Relationships, Income, Confidence and Health. 
If you would like to focus on a Happiness Millionaire R.I.C.H Life, start your journey with Janet today in this new Home Study Course taken from the very successful Happiness Millionaire workshop that Janet has used to transform others from P.O.O.R to R.I.C.H.

It's yours today from 6 small monthly payments to really help you get on your feet. Once you're in, you can arrange your 121 with Janet Jones.