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R.I.C.H and Powerful Life Live Events 

Janet runs live workshops and seminars because she believes we should all be taking care of our Happiness Health


With her own journey of experiencing the suicide of her father and her later struggles with depression, but overcoming her challenges without medication, Janet is on a mission to help people take care of their happiness health before difficult situations in life become a regrettable problem. 

See below for live training workshops and speaking events.

Seeing Happiness LIVE Six-Week Workshop - Halifax Library, Sept 18th 6.15pm.

'I started the course feeling depressed with not much hope for the future, I left feeling optimistic and on my life journey.'  

It has been scientifically proven that HAPPINESS fuels a successful life, not the other way round. Unfortunately, we don't get to attend a happiness class in school and generally we make it up as we go along. However, happiness is like maths, there are strategies to follow.

So, if you find yourself at a crossroads, you want more from life or you are currently facing personal challenges, 

CLICK HERE to see if the workshop is right for you.


Janet Jones Tour of Libraries in West Yorkshire

Janet is touring West Yorkshire showing people how the visual part of their brain could be getting in their way of creating true happiness. 


You are invited to her talk 'Seeing Happiness' in a library near you.

Event Dates

These are FREE events but please book your place so there is a seat for you :)

20th March - Halifax Library 6.30pm .                                                                               WAS AWESOME :)


5th May - Wakefield Library 10.30am                                                                                 WAS AWESOME :)


19th May - York Library - 2.30pm                                                                                        WAS AWESOME :)

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